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   Næse for succes - Køb hund hos ChaDe

Kennel ChaDé har gennem de sidste 20 år været
repræsenteret i toppen inden for BHP, IPO og PH.





Xenia Vom Bertlichergrund



Xenia a wonderful dog and breeding female

When we got Xenia to Denmark, we knew that she was a great dog in being, drives and health.

That she was so important for working dogs breeding in Denmark, we could not know, nor in our wildest imagination dream of.

Xenia is probably a dog / breeding female only once in one´s life becomes owner of and performance-wise probably the DK´s best breeding female line ever

Xenia has given well over 40 offspring from ChaDe and even more offspring from other kennels where she lies in their pedigrees that have participated in the following championships: BHP/IPO1-DM, BHP/IPO3-DM, WUSW / IPO World Cup, PH DM SPH-DM, DCH-DM, also 2 offspring for BSP

The following is a small selection of the ChaDe dogs who participated at the championships, where Xenia is ancestress.

4 dogs from N-litter; Nicky, Natan, Narro og Nero also Jasko, Jalma, Jarmer, Atos, Capo, Chaos, Etna, Uwe, Haiko, Kalif, Kichi, Tessa, Tintin, Laban, Urban, Tammi, Timo, Xaro, Xombie, Gismo, Raya, Rimi, Melischa, Misti, Yalte, Vega, Nato, Ronja, Saiko, Onik, Odessa, Milo, Kalle, Zuma, Zeppo, Otto, Karlo, Kanu.


Breed Report:

Above medium-sized, medium powerful, good pigment, too hairy on ears and forlegs. Normal withers, the croup a bit short. The upperarm must be longer and the front angulation must be greater, good back angulation. The chest is good, the frontlegs and hindlimbs are parallel, pretty good movement, which could be shown with more self-assurance. Confident nature.

Courage, combative instinct and hardness praiseworthy



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