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Cinto Von Ungalant




Cinto Von Ungalant

SchH 3

AK1 HD-B, AD-0,

Danish HD index 138

Show res: F

Cinto´s best results in tests:

A: 100 B: 93 C: 99

After a long search we finally succeed in finding a breeding male with qualities, which quite a lot breeding males possessed in the early eighties

Cinto possesses extreme hardness, dominans, courage, instincts, mentally superiority and above all a thoroughly healty nature. 

All of the above mentioned and a exterior with F in a show, posseses this breeding male Cinto von Ungalant

Cinto´s  fascinating pedigree, and several real good progeny in Germany will make Cinto von Ungalant quite interesting in the future breeding.

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Breed Report: Big, distinct stretched male. Noticeably masculine head. Good withers, firm back, good short deposit croup. The upperarm at bit short and straight. The back angulation is good. Normal chest, straight front. The movement thrust very good forward under the body, the front quarters reach suitably forward.



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