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   Næse for succes - Køb hund hos ChaDe

Kennel ChaDé har gennem de sidste 20 år været
repræsenteret i toppen inden for BHP, IPO og PH.





ChaDe´s Kalle


AK1 HD-A  ED:0


Breedreport: Medium-sized, medium powerfuld male, with a nice grey pigment, a highly good type, good head and expression. Normal withers, quite good croup with a nice length. The front angulation is good, the back angulation is very good. harmonious chest. The front are parallel. A bit narrowness at the front and the back. Regular movement, the withers could be a bit more firm.

Courage, combative instinct and hardness, praiseworthy.

A medium-sized male with a nice grey pigment, who deserves to be praised for his courage and combative instinct. Ought to be mated with firm built females.

Results: The winner of the Ullerslev-Cup in 2001 with 288 points. The winner of Brønderslev-Cup in 2001 with 290 points.

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