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   Næse for succes - Køb hund hos ChaDe

Kennel ChaDé har gennem de sidste 20 år været
repræsenteret i toppen inden for BHP, IPO og PH.





ChaDe´s Atos


Former Policedog, and also buryingdog

AK HD-A, AD-0,

DNA tested - Show result: Good

DKK nr. 16234/2002

Video:   Heel   -  Stay   - Fetch   -   Jump   -   A-Jump   

Video Grp. C   Guarding   -   Escape   -   Escape1   -   Stop

Martin Knudsen - repeatedly DM and World Cup participant -  says:

Atos is a dog with a drive level which absolutely lies in the higher end of the scale

He works with a large portion of
pleasure and energy on the track

In obedience, he has a lot of energetic drive, and is working here with great emphasis on the handler, and is also very fast in performing the exercises

In Group C, he also works with a huge pleasure. He is very intense
in guarding and has always a full and firm grip

Atos is a former service dog for the police in group 1, and is also trained dog burial (corpse dog).

Because of his previous training, and the fact that he is a dog with an extreme drive, does he sometimes has its own
opinion about how things should be run to the competition. But it does not change that it is probably one of the most thriving and interesting males found in Dk


Martin Knudsen says:

We have now had Atos living with us in one little week, and have been taken by storm by his sovereign creature

A more straightforward male one must hunt long after. He's just fallen into the pack as the most natural in the world
and I am just very happy that I chose him as mating partner for the Hajen Qnop

We now have him in everyday life too and he's just a super dog all the way through, which is healthy and calm in the head


Breed Report:

Small male with suitably power and a lot of substance. A well-pigmented male of good type. Good head with a nice width, the eyes could be a bit darkere, small ears in correct positon.

Flat mane, firm loin, a croup, which ought to be longer.

Good chest and good underchest, the front angulations are good, the back angulations are highly good. Normal front.

The movement has a lot of energy with a nice length, however the mane becomes more flat. 


Courage, combative instinct and hardness, praiseworthy.

Good points: Very good pigment, very good shape of the head, and a highly effektive courage and combative instinct.



Participated in PH - Danish Championship

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